Unlock while Locked – the research paper series, continued


As we kept diving into the world of our fellow Romanians during the lock down, we were so entranced by the sheer richness and depth of information that we uncovered, that we felt it was impossible not to share it with the world.

That is why we began writing UNLOCK while LOCKED – a collection of research papers based on all the knowledge and understanding we gained during Romania’s lock-down period.

Each volume in this e-book series contains research stories about the fundamental psychological truths that will bring long-term change – from the thirst for authenticity to the redefining of responsibility and leadership, and many more.

Currently in the series:

Volume 1 – 6 fundamental human discoveries during Romanian lock down 2020

Volume 2 – From cocoons to butterflies. Human typologies facing 2020 pandemic crisis

Volume 3 – Shapes & colors of the new normal. 19 human trends amplified by the 2020 crisis


The 3 volumes in this collection of e-books are now available to all our clients for free, upon commissioning any new project, alongside our extended know-how, market expertise and ultimate desire to do Research for Good.


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